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Managed Firewall Services

Our Managed Firewall Services provide your business with dynamic, cost effective Internet security solutions. We provide the expertise to monitor, manage and maintain your Internet security in response to rapidly changing Internet security threats.

We respond to new security threats on your behalf by automatically applying required patches, upgrades and configuration adjustments to your firewall. We provide technical support to keep your network defenses up to date. By outsourcing your firewall management to us, you gain the benefit of a full-time staff of security experts without the expense associated with maintaining such expertise in-house. With your Internet security under our constant management, your System and Network Administrators are freed to concentrate on your real business again.

Each of our Managed Firewall Service Levels include a private Managed Security Services Portal through which you can monitor our management of your company's Internet security. All access to your portal is authenticated and encrypted to ensure the confidentiality and security of your company's sensitive information. Any number of individual users may be authorized to access your portal to monitor real-time and historical information about your firewall.

With BackWatcher Managed Firewall Service, we implement your specific Internet security policies. You decide what passes through your network. We keep Your Business Your Business.

Service Levels

Level I

Level II
  • Level I Service
  • Security Patches and Updates
  • Security Policy/Rules Maintenance
  • Guidance On Effective Security Practices
  • Monthly Firewall Activity Reports
  • Weekend Support, 10am - 10pm
Level III
  • Level I and II Service
  • Seperate Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Intrusion Detection Alerting/Notification
  • Flexible Intrusion Detection Reporting
  • Regular IDS Attack Signature Updates
  • Instant Support, 24x7x365

Firewall Management | Penetration Testing | Security Auditing | System Administration | Network Administration

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